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2. General Assembly: Presentation of results.

2. General Assembly: Presentation of results.

2. General Assembly in Kaiserslautern. Project results for 2010 presented.

The participants of the second General Assembly were convinced by the presentations shown in Kaiserslautern: Having successfully reached the fourth milestone "Subsystems are available", the project partners have set an important basis for the experimental phase. Sub-project 2 "System design" is followed by sub-project 3, "System integration". In addition to the current highlight of the project, the fourth milestone, the further work on the project was presented. Sub-project 5 "Evaluation and general conditions” showed examples from the simulation laboratory. Driving and traffic simulations revealed new details of the research project.

Symbolically, the responsibility for the functional development teams of sub-project 2 (Marc Bechler, BMW) was passed to sub-project 3 (Marc Menzel, Continental Teves).

The participants of the General Assembly at Fraunhofer IESE in Kaiserslautern.

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