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simTD: events.

simTD: events.

The events in simTD.

The progress made within the project, on meetings, as well as project events and results.



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simTD Final Event in Frankfurt/Main
The final event of the simTD project took place on 20th June 2013 at the Messe Frankfurt/Main. The project consortium presented its hybrid system of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication,
the car-to-x communication.


simTD @ ITS World Congress 2012
From October 23-26 2012, simTD will present its latest project results during the ITS World Congress in Vienna, Austria. Visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the project at the stand of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development in Hall B, stand B35.


4th ETSI ITS Workshop
Doha | Qatar | 07.-09.02.2012
Presentation of the simTD project at the 4th ETSI ITS Workshop.

Download: Summary by Abdelkarim Belhoula, Andreas Lotz, Gerhard Kastl and Hongjun Pu | Continental Automotive GmbH


4th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence 2012
Vilamoure, Algarve | Portugal | 06.-08.02.2012

Download: Article by Christoph Endres and Christian Müller | German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)


3rd International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications 2011
Salzburg | Austria | 30.11.-02.12.2011
In-car interactive technology is becoming ubiquitous and cars are increasingly connected to the outside world. Drivers and passengers use this technology because it provides valuable services. One of the major goals of this conference was to explore ways in which in-car user interfaces can be designed so as to lessen driver distraction while still enabling valuable services.

Download: Article by Michael Feld and Christian Müller | German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)


IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference
Amsterdam | The Netherlands | 14.-16.11.2011
The 2011 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC) sought to bring together researchers, professionals, and practitioners to present and discuss recent developments and challenges in vehicular networking technologies and their applications.

Download: Article by Hagen Stübing, Jonas Firl and Sorin A. Huss | Adam Opel GmbH, TU Darmstadt


First International Symposium on Future Active Safety Technology toward zero-traffic-accident
Tokyo | Japan | 05.-09.09.2011
The symposium aimed to foster strong connections between the researchers to exchange information about the latest results in the field of active safety technology.

Download: Article by Martin Goralczyk, Bernd Schäufele and Ilja Radusch | Technische Universität Berlin


19th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference
Trento | Italy | 23.-25.08.2011
IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference is the premier international forum to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of Requirements Engineering.

Download: Article by Thorsten Ronneberger, Özgür Ünalan, Michael Eisenbarth and Anne Gross | Audi Electronics Venture GmbH, Fraunhofer IESE


11th International Conference on Telecommunications for Intelligent Transport Systems
St. Petersburg | Russia | 23.-25.08.2011
The conference aimed to provide leading edge of research and experimental results on ITS services and applications. Especially this year's conference was focused on novel approaches for traffic safety provisioning.

Download: Article by Attila Jaeger and Sorin A. Huss | Technische Universität Darmstadt


simTD presented C2X communication system for field operational testing
After three years of intensive research, simTD presented its car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication system on October 11, 2011. The system was especially developed for field operational testing. More than 200 participants gathered at the simTD test grounds in Friedberg near Frankfurt/Main to see and experience the car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication system.


General Assembly in Friedberg
The third General Assembly on October 12, 2011, at the simTD test grounds in Friedberg gave participants the opportunity to extensively test the car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication system which was developed for field operational testing.


On October 13, 2011, the simTD and DRIVE C2X projects jointly invited C2X experts to the first event of the DRIVE C2X test site campaign "Making cooperative systems cooperate". More than 100 participants joined the event at the simTD test grounds in Friedberg near Frankfurt/Main


simTD presents C2X communication system for field operational test
After three years of intensive research, simTD will present its C2X communication system which was specially developed for the planned field operational test in the Rhine-Main area. This system will run with a high number of equipped vehicles and will be tested for the first time under real traffic conditions.                                   more...


8th European Congress on ITS
Lyon | France | 06.-09.06.2011
The 8th European Congress on ITS aimed to present and experience Europe's latest achievements in Intelligent Transport Systems and innovative transport solutions.

Download: Article by Gunther Schaaf, Christian Paßmann, Jörg Mönnich, Matthias Haug and Frank Niewels | Robert Bosch GmbH
 A Method for Evaluation and Selection of C2X Communication Functions | PDF (193 Kb)

Download: Article by Robert Braun, Mathias Baur, Julia Ines Müller, Florian Schimandl, Silja Hoffmann, Matthew Fullerton and Fritz Busch | Technische Universität München

08. - 09.12.2010

2. General Assembly in Kaiserslautern

The project results for 2010 were presented at the second General Assembly at the Fraunhofer IESE. The participants of the Assembly were convinced by the presentations shown in Kaiserslautern.



Status Seminar | Berlin | Germany | 30.11.2010

The fourth milestone "Subsystems are available" was successfully completed. All participants were convinced by the demonstration of the vehicle sub-system, the test bench and the test system. "This is an excellent basis for the experimental phase," stated project coordinator Christian Weiss. 


25. – 29.10.2010

17th ITS World Congress | Busan | Korea | 25. – 29.2010

The ITS World Congress is the world's largest scientific meeting and exhibition in the automotive segment. The main focus is on an international, interdisciplinary scientific exchange of ITS technologies, solutions and prospects for the future of mobility. At this event the simTD project was presented.

Download: presentation and scientific study: Hagen Stübing, Attila Jaeger, Norbert Bissmeyer, Christoph Schmidt, Sorin Huss | Fraunhofer SIT, Adam Opel GmbH, TU Darmstadt | Germany
Verifying Mobility Data under Privacy Considerations in Car-to-X Communication | PDF (510 Kb)

04. – 06.10.2010

19th Aachen Colloquium "Automobile and Engine Technology" | Aachen | Germany | 04. – 06.10.2010

Presentation at the focal point: "C2X and Sensors"

Download: presentation and scientific study: Ingo Totzke, Dominik Mühlbacher, Dr. Susanne Buld, Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Krüger | Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Verkehrswissenschaften (IZVW), Würzburg, Germany

simTD: Empirical impact assessment of C2X technologies within the field trial and the driving simulation | PDF (490 Kb)


HTAS | The Dutch Automotive Innovation Programme Connected Cars | Automotive House | Helmond | Netherlands | 20.09.2010

HTAS drives innovation through cooperation of industry, knowledge centers and government. During the event: "HTAS-themabijeenkomst" the simTD project was presented.

Download: presentation Dr. Christian Weiß | Daimler AG
Safe Intelligent Mobility – Field Test Germany
| PDF (1.4 MB)


CAST Competence Center for Applied Security Technology | Darmstadt | Germany | 01.07.2010
Presentation at the CAST workshop of the Fraunhofer Institute: "Mobile Security for Intelligent Cars"
Download: presentation Norbert Bissmeyer | Fraunhofer SIT | Secure Mobile Systems
+ Hagen Stübing
| Adam Opel GmbH | GME GTE E&E Advanced Engineering
Implementation of the simTD Security Architecture
| PDF (2.8 MB)


DATEX II | Berlin | Germany | 17.03.2010

Presentation in technical session 3: "The urban, public transport and C2X domains"

Download: presentation Jörg Freudenstein | AlbrechtConsult GmbH

DATEX in C2X field trial | PDF (1.9 MB)


CeBIT in motion

| Hannover | Germany | 01.-06.03.2010 (in German)

The forum CeBIT in Motion – "Automotive Day" with the topics: driver assistance systems, C2X, business IT...

Download: Presentation Dr. Christian Weiß | Daimler AG

Co-operative ITS systems: simTD project | PDF (3.2 MB)


16. ITS World Congress in Stockholm, Schweden
simTD contributed three presentations held by Matthias Schulze (Daimler AG), Silja Assenmacher (TU Munich, Germany) und Arno Hinsberger (HTW Saarland, Germany)..



simTD General Assembly in Wuerzburg

The first General Assembly in Wuerzburg on September 30th and October 1st, 2009, focused on the architecture as well as test and experiments preparation.


Workshop on selection of functions

The workshop on selecting the functions to be realised within simTD was held on 16.12.2008 in Kaiserslautern. As a result, the functions were identified and agreed upon. 21 functions from the categories “traffic”, “driving and security” as well as “value-added services” were selected. 


08. + 09.09.2008

simTD project kick-off 

Successful kick-off with all simTD partners and initiators in Ingolstadt in September 2008.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology,
the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as
the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development