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simTD technology: providing maximum reliability.

simTD technology: providing maximum reliability.

Comprehensive and seamless networking between vehicles and infrastructure is a technological challenge that should not be underestimated. 

As a first step, relevant vehicle systems such as certain data buses need to be connected to an in-vehicle communication platform, the so-called “ITS Vehicle Station”. This station will then transmit relevant data to other road users and the traffic infrastructure.

In order to ensure safe and reliable communication also with high traffic density, the ITS Vehicle Station is using wireless technology which was specifically developed for this automotive field of application. The technology is based on the well-known WLAN standard. Information can either be transferred directly to other vehicles or to ITS Roadside Stations installed along the road. If the communication partner is not located in close vicinity to the sender, other vehicles can transmit or store and forward information.

Moreover, mobile wireless technologies such as UMTS and GPRS are integrated. This can bridge the WLAN connectivity gap (e.g. if roadside infrastructure is lacking) and support many value-added services.

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