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simTD schedule: Finish in three project phases.

simTD schedule: Finish in three project phases.

The duration of the project is 48 months.

Within this period the three overlapping project phases will build upon each other.


Project phase 1

2008 - 2010

Definition and planning of the overall system and setup of system components 

The first project phase defines the overall architecture and the system design, implementation, integration and test of the individual sub-systems as well as the design of experiments.


Project phase 2

2010 - 2012

Equipment of test fleet and test region

The second project phase focuses on testing the overall system with regard to implementing and equipping the test fleet and the test region as well as rolling out the road-experiment fleet.


Project phase 3

2012- 2013

Customer-oriented large-scale field operational trial and evaluation 

The third project phase focuses on the large-scale field operational trial, its documentation, analysis and evaluation. For this purpose the technical and economic criteria will also be evaluated.

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Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology,
the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as
the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development