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simTD project structure: professionally planned and performed.

simTD project structure: professionally planned and performed.

The simTD project is characterised by the highly diverse and in-depth integration of many individual solutions.

The technically well equipped experimental region and the fact that functions with high customer benefit will be implemented in vehicles are key factors for achieving the project goals.

The expected unprecedented results (which will be unique in such form anywhere in the world) and which are planned to be put into operation at a designated point in time, are a highly complex research, development and integration challenge. It requires strongly interconnected partners and professional workflow.
A consistent request process ensures that the sub-projects are efficiently interconnected.

The following sub-projects and work packages are planned:


Work Packages

Sub-project 0

Project management

Work package 0.1:

Technical coordination, controlling and administration 

Work package 0.2:


Work package 0.3:

Cross-sectoral functions and quality management

Sub-project 1



Work package 1.1:


Work package 1.2:

Validation objectives, methods and metrics 

Work package 1.3:

Test cases

Sub-project 2

System design

Work package 2.1:

Architecture design

Work package 2.2:

Vehicle sub-system

Work package 2.3:

Infrastructure sub-system

Work package 2.4:

Test system

Sub-project 3

System integration

Work package 3.1:

Vehicle integration

Work package 3.2:

Infrastructure integration

Work package 3.3:

Integration tests

Work package 3.4:

Fleet and infrastructure set-up

Sub-project 4

Field test

Work package 4.1:


Work package 4.2:

Test operation

Work package 4.3:


Work package 4.4:

Infrastructure operation

Sub-project 5

Assessment and framework

Work package 5.1:

Assessment of test results

Work package 5.2:

Business and economic aspects

Work package 5.3:

Legal and regulatory framework

Work package 5.4:

Operating models and roll-out scenarios

Projektstruktur | PDF simTD project structure /
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simTD Projektstruktur / PDF

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology,
the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as
the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development