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simTD: portfolio and research topics.

simTD: portfolio and research topics.

The EU Commission estimates 2006 that traffic jams in Germany cause macroeconomic costs of about 17 billion Euro each year. Despite improvements in active and passive vehicle safety, the numbers of road injuries (410,000) and fatalities (4,500) are still very high (estimated 2008 by German Federal Statistical Office). 

Many experts assume that the situation can only be further improved by supplementing the autonomous vehicle systems with communication-based solutions. Car-to-x communication is being tested in a large-scale field operational test in Germany. The German Frankfurt-Rhine-Main region was selected because its infrastructure is ideally suited for conducting a highly relevant field test.

The research project focuses on technical implementation and testing of a hybrid communication system. In addition to established mobile communication technologies, this involves a system adapted for automotive purposes, which is based on the well-known WLAN standard. With the help of this hybrid communication system, the effectiveness of car-to-x functions can be tested. Of particular importance in this context are the integrated connection and the seamless integration of vehicle, communication and traffic technologies into one overall system. A further important aspect of simTD is the investigation of suitable roll-out-models for car-to-x communication systems. This also involves value-added services and commercial applications to prepare the ground for eventual fast market penetration. 

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Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology,
the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as
the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development