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Accompanying projects: on a firm footing.

Accompanying projects: on a firm footing.

The following selection provides an overview of national and European projects from which the research findings, technologies and applications flow directly or indirectly into simTD. In addition to these directly related projects, numerous links exist between simTD and further initiatives. Findings from current research projects are also incorporated into the field test. Particularly significant in this context is the EU-subsidised COMeSafety project.


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Project description


Development of driver assistance systems, information technologies and solutions for efficient traffic management and for car-to-x communication.

Development and testing of cellular mobile radio technologies for cooperative vehicle applications.


Harmonisation and consolidation of research findings in the field of car-to-x communication. Creation of uniform industrial standards for car-to-x communication.


Development of a road traffic control system on the basis of bidirectional vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-headquarters communication.

Tests involving vehicles as mobile sensors for transmitting data on traffic and surrounding conditions to headquarters.


Establishing and testing a system for the mobile supply of safety-relevant data on traffic conditions and infrastructure.


Development of a pan-European technology platform for wireless communication between vehicles and the infrastructure.


Specification and robust implementation of a pan-European car-to-x system.


Development of cooperative systems for early recognition of safety-relevant conditions and situations in road traffic.


Devising and verifying solution concepts for safe and secure car-to-x communication.


Optimising network-wide traffic light coordination with genetic algorithms and testing traffic light-to-vehicle communication.

The following projects have already been concluded; their findings provide an important basis for the simTD project.


Development of a communication platform for data exchange in car-to-x communication.

GST – Global System for Telematics

Development of an open architecture for interoperable telematics applications.


Research into driver assistance systems and traffic management for individual traffic, transport and logistics.

NoW – Network on Wheels

Specification of a communication system for the transmission of sensor data and general information in ad-hoc vehicle networks.


Development and validation of cooperative systems for the enhancement of active safety.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology,
the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as
the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development