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Partners: bundled competences for excellent solutions.

Partners: bundled competences for excellent solutions.

The following list gives an overview of all partners involved in simTD as well as their respective profiles and responsibilities within the project.

Vehicle Manufacturers




Through its involvement in research projects such as INVENT, TRAVOLUTION and RESPONSE3, Audi AG has vast experience with Car2X communication topics. Within the simTD project, Audi AG will be the project leader for sub-project 1 “Requirements Analysis”, amongst other tasks.


BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH

BMW Group researchers and developers have many years of experience in conducting national and international research programmes such as PROMETHEUS, DRIVE, MOTIV, INVENT, RESPONSE, AKTIV, CVIS or COOPERS. Within the simTD project, BMW will be the project leader for sub-project 2 “System design”, amongst other tasks.

Daimler AG

For many years, Daimler AG has been a driver in Car-to-X Communication. In projects such as FleetNet, Network on Wheels or SAFESPOT, Daimler AG has contributed fundamental work on Car-to-X Communication systems and the corresponding applications and functions. Within simTD, Daimler AG will be active again in the fields of functions and communication. Daimler AG will act as the overall project leader and coordinator for simTD.


Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH

The Ford Forschungszentrum (Research Centre) has many years of experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems and can revert to research results from projects such as INVENT, AKTIV or PReVENT. In simTD, Ford will be involved in specifying communication, in systems architecture, functions and experiment execution. Ford acts as the leader of the work package “Validation and optimisation objectives, methods and metrics”.

Adam Opel AG

In the past Adam Opel GmbH has been involved with vehicular communication, V2V, DSRC and traffic telematics in the context of the MoTIV (“The Safe Road” (KOM) and “Mobility in Conurbations”), FunkWARN, RHAPIT, ENTERPRICE, Delta and 3GT projects. In simTD,  Opel will contribute to the “GME Electric/Electronics” topics on functions and communication, and leads the sub-project 4 “test execution” as well as work package “overall architecture”.

Volkswagen AG

The corporate research division at Volkswagen has gained extensive knowledge in the fields of traffic, traffic telematics and driver assistance systems through its participation in projects such as PROMETHEUS, MOTIC, INVENT, TrafficOnline, AKTIV, NoW and COMeSafety. Within the simTD project, VW corporate research is involved in almost all work packages. It is also the leader of sub-project 5 “Evaluation and general conditions”.




Robert Bosch GmbH

As a leading international supplier of technology and services the Bosch Group has an extensive know how in both active and passive safety systems. Bosch is providing simTD with specific experiences in the field of ITS, which were gathered during national and European research projects like AKTIV, CVIS, GST, Invent, PReVENT und SAFESPOT.

Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG

Continental has a wealth of experience from research projects such as AKTIV, EASIS or Safespot and can contribute in particular in the field of vehicle-related sub-systems and the development of an ITS Vehicle Station. Within the simTD project, Continental is the leader of sub-project 3 “System integration”.

Network operator



Deutsche Telekom AG

With its global infrastructure of data processing centers and networks, Deutsche Telekom AG operates information and communication technology for multinational groups and public institutions. Within the context of the simTD project, Deutsche Telekom AG is involved in evaluating the overall system (under technical, economic and legal aspects) and brings in the perspective of a telecommunication, service, integration and operations provider.




Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.

The participating Fraunhofer Institutes have vast experience from previous projects such as FleetNet or Network on Wheels and can contribute particularly in the fields of communication systems / test and application centre (FhG FOKUS), Software Engineering (FhG IESE) and IT Security (FhG SIT). Fraunhofer will provide its knowledge throughout the entire duration of the project.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

With projects such as SmartKom, SmartWeb and TALK, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) can look back on many years of research in Car2X Communication. The simTD project will benefit in particular from the know-how gained in developing innovative, user-customised interface concepts.

Berlin Technical University

The Center for Network Industries and Infrastructure (CNI) of the Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy (WIP) at the TU Berlin has extensive experience in the economic analysis of competition and market introduction strategies in network industries as well as organisational models for infrastructure. In addition, CNI and WIP contribute their expertise in economic evaluation (in particular cost-benefit analysis) to the simTD research project.

Technische Universität München

The Chair for Traffic Engineering and Control of Technische Universität München works on methods and technologies for compiling, describing and spatial-temporal influencing of public and individual transport. The Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control was strongly involved in national and international research projects such as AKTIV, SAFESPOT, REACT, COM2REACT, DIWA and TRAVOLUTION and will now use its know-how to support simTD.

Saarbruecken University of Applied Sciences (HTW)

In interdisciplinary cooperation between the communications technology and automotive laboratories and the HTW-affiliated institutes Eurotec Solutions and Forgis, the Saarbruecken University of Applied Sciences has vast experience in issues of preventive driving safety and Car-to-Car Communication. Before becoming involved in simTD, the HTW was a partner in EU research projects such as PReVENT and CVIS.

Wuerzburg University

The Interdisciplinary Center for Traffic Research at Wuerzburg University (IZVW) works on all topics of traffic research. This involves behavioural measurements, man-machine interactions, psychoactive substances, driving safety, training for drivers as well as questions of human factors in transportation systems. The IZVW is currently involved in the EC projects SPARC, LEONARDO, DRUID, TRAIN-ALL and 2TRAIN and thus brings substantial experience to the simTD project.

Public Institutions



Hessen Mobil -

Road and Traffic Management

As part of Hessen Mobil - Road and Traffic Management, the Hessian Traffic Center, one of the most modern institutions of its kind, provides comprehensive traffic monitoring and control systems and has wide experience in implementing innovative traffic control technologies as well as connecting telematics systems through hardware and software. Within simTD, Hessen Mobil - Road and Traffic Management will create both traffic technology and infrastructure related solutions.

City of Frankfurt am Main

The City of Frankfurt am Main has a highly modern Traffic Control Centre and a comprehensive roadside infrastructure such as the Stadium Guidance System, a dynamic parking guidance system, 800 traffic lights and 18 dynamic traffic information panels. The City of Frankfurt am Main thus provides ideal conditions for the field trial of the planned simTD project functions.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology,
the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as
the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development